Paul Deakin

Paul Deakin

John Barr

Qualified carpenter & joiner. All carpentry work including fitted bedrooms, kitchens, flat pack assembly.

Yoga for beginners and intermediates. Stretch. Strengthen. Release. Energise. Restore your body to balance.

Sarla Shah

Hands on Healing
Indian Head Massage I.I.H.H.T.
Thai Foot Massage
Advanced Rei-ki Practictioner.
Living Products for sale

Natural Coaching

We offer Personal Training, Reiki, Life training to name but a few

A safe and natural approach to health

Using a blend of person centred and psychodynamic approaches our experienced therapist works with clients from our private practice based within Northampton.

We offer our clients an opportunity to attend an initial consultation session to explore their worries or concerns and what they hope to achieve from counselling. It can sometimes be a sudden traumatic event that has thrown you off balance such as a bereavement or loss of job, but sometimes you may not be sure why you are feeling disatisfied or unhappy with your life. At these times, counselling can be an opportunity to reach a better understanding of your life situations and it can help you to find the best way forward for you.

The role of the counsellor is often to help you to make sense of your thoughts and feelings and to provide an opportunity for you to explore situations and relationships within your life. The counselling process can often help you to locate the source of difficulty and to explore options and new strategies for coping.

Osteopathy is an NHS recognised therapy that treats all muscle and joint pain, injury and rehabilitation

Treat your feet to a complete professional service. Corns and callous reduced. Rough skin gently removed. Toenails trimmed. Foot massage.

Enhance Fitness

Delivering fitness classes in and around Duston

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